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Why buy in Croatia ?

What sets the coastal area before other holiday destinations; is its magnificent nature. Croatia is rich in locations with attractive old buildings and quarters, but few retain its traditional structure as intact as Croatia does. They do not want mass tourism that is based on over-exploitation.

With the upcoming of the future golf courses, construction of more marinas, construction of health facilities, etc. thus property prices will rise in the future in attractive locations. Prices will eventually rise to compete with Spain's Majorca and France Saint Tropez regions, according to property experts. With so much to offer you in search for the perfect holiday in the sun, the vitality of the Croatian coast's beauty with its many beaches, you will surely find your ideal Dream Home. In addition to being a perfect destination for your holiday home, the property also offers excellent rental potential. Tourist stream continues to rise every year.

Now is the best time to get the best value for your property investment. There is a good supply of real estates in Croatia, we advise you however, to focus on something relatively new, unfortunately much of the old stock is in poor condition. Prices are usually set in order to be able to some bargain, there is some "air", it varies from case to case and we can help you to bargain.

Croatia would not see a mass construction, which in some places in Spain; instead they want to see buildings fit into the environment. Moreover, there is not very large land areas along much of the coast, the mountain ranges sometimes go almost down to the sea.

We are working with investors, trusted builders, and other actors and, in some cases with local Croatian brokers. We are able to negotiate for you the best deals, which make it possible for us to give you the best object from an expanding market.

Now is the time to act !


Sunny coast with magnificent scenery Nice atmosphere and activities
Exclusive resorts

Great yachting among Croatian islands


Beautiful villas and apartments
Most with ocean views
Excellent builders to high quality