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Sukosan is a small town as well as a harbor, located in the spacious bay of Zlatna luka, only 10 km from the south-east of Zadar. The population is involved in agriculture, vine growing, olive growing and tourism. Tourism started developing during the 1920; the first tourists were German and Czechs. The actual date of the foundation is not reliable, but it is assumed that the town was founded during the roman rule.
Sukosan is famous for its beautiful beaches and covert coves, as well. Some of the beaches are: "Djecji raj" beach", "Makarska" beach and "Zlatna Luka" beach. Sukosan offers a variety of possibilities for those who wish to enrich their vacation with some other activities.

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal city. But it does not live only from its former glory. The past and the present go hand in hand. Nin is a Dalmatian city it is so pleasant to live in or for a holiday. It is said that Nin has the smallest cathedral in the world and one of the most beautiful beaches. People come here for a vacation and recreation. Nin offers fun; it restores health, energy and self-confidence. Nin is the European destination of excellence. And so much of this is woven into its past and present, into what nature has provided and what man has made. Nin has its story !

Nin Apartments

Nin Apartments

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