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Murter Island

Island Murter will be first choice for a summer destination for all of those who look for a place with a relaxed atmosphere, jaw dropping nature, but without the bustle of mass tourism. Of course, Murter also has attractive pebble beaches and coves we heartily recommend you explore them - whether by swimming or snorkelling.
Murter is all the more attractive because of its proximity to National Park Kornati. Our objects on Murter


Tisno is located partly on the peninsula of Tisno and partly on the island of Murter. Situated just 28 km from Šibenik, 56 km from Zadar and 100 km from Split, Tisno is well connected with all major cities of Dalmatia. The moving bridge, built in 1832 to connect the mainland and island parts of Tisno town, has itself become a real attraction.

Murter island

The Island Murter belongs to the North Dalmatian group of islands, which contains almost 40 % of all Croatian islands and is the most dense archipelago in both the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Stone ruins which can be found all over Murter island are all that the ancient Liburnians left behind them.


Jezera is a smaller town, was named after large pools of water flowing into the valley during autumn and wintertime and look like real lakes. In case you like to have fresh fish, calamari, shrimps or mussels - Jezera is the right place for you! Coming to town quay at dusk to buy sea food directly from fishermen, will be an unforgettable experience!

Murter town

Murter town - is located in the north-western part of the island. The city lures with a large number of islands in its waters (over 170), numerous sandy beaches and proximity to national parks: Kornati, Paklenica and Krka, cities Zadar, Sibenik and Split. Murter is the largest town on the island.

Aerial view

There are four towns located on the Island Murter - the older ones, Murter and Jezera, and the newer ones, Tisno and Betina. Most of the island is covered with age - old olive trees and fig-trees, which are the main traditional crops grown by the natives. It is famous for its sandy and gravel - beaches


Betina is a village located on the Croatian island of Murter, seven km from Tisno, where a drawbridge connects the island and the mainland. Remains of the Roman settlement of Colentum as well as many ruins of Roman villas, murals, and mosaic testify to its occupation during the period of the Roman Empire.


Sunny coast with magnificent scenery Nice atmosphere and activities
Exclusive resorts

Great sailing among Croatian islands


Beautiful villas and apartments
Most with ocean views
Excellent builders to high quality