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  • Punta Skala - Falkensteiner
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  • Radisson Sun Gardens


Croatia has so much to offer!
Earlier in the 60-80 century, the cities of Split and Dubrovnik were the major destinations for charter tourism. After the Balkan Wars, the tourism here has taken off again. More and more travelers are discovering the magnificent scenery, crystal clear water and the beautiful archipelago. In summer 2003 saw the return of the Swedish charter companies Ving and Allways to Croatia. In 2014, the tourism grew strongly from Sweden and also the interest of buying a holiday place, and now the price picture has started to become attractive. The EU membership has also contributed to the increased demand. Located just a few hours from many major European cities, and with a stunning coastline, Croatia is well positioned for future intregrering in the larger economic zone as the EU does.

Croatia will in the near future be one of Europe's most sought after destinations and hence one of the most attractive investment countries in tourism, not only in Europe but worldwide.

Croatia will develop into one of the main areas in Europe in: • Resorts with small and large complete tourist facilities. • Conference and the opportunities for trade fairs. • Golf. Plans have been initiated to golf courses along the coast. • Spas and combined with health trips. • Hunting. • Yachting with sailing or motor boat in the amazing archipelago. • Stable currency and the foreign investors favorable business environment. • Unique opportunity to invest in a dynamic and fast growing tourism sector.

We will help you find your Dream Home and it costs no more to go through us, but you get the full service that you are accustomed to. We make sure that everything goes right, and the purchase will be to your complete satisfaction. We assist with negotiations in full, both in Sweden and Croatia.


Sunny coast with magnificent scenery Nice atmosphere and activities
Exclusive resorts

Great yachting among Croatian islands


Beautiful villas and apartments
Most with ocean views
Excellent builders to high quality